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How to get the full information on any car’s auto auction history

Information we provide

  • Exact sales prices

    Exact sales prices

  • Auction sales history

    Auction sales history

  • Previous vehicle condition

    Previous vehicle condition

  • Actual mileage

    Actual mileage

  • Who the seller is

    Who the seller is

  • HD photos

    HD photos

  • Retail and repair value

    Retail and repair value

  • Technical specs

    Technical specs

  • And much more

    And much more

Stop guessing what a vehicle is worth

We show you the actual final prices for cars at salvage auctions Copart/IAAI/Impact

Use our advanced search to narrow down your results by make, model, trim, odometer, damage, and get the range of final bid prices.

Never overpay for salvage vehicles

autoAstat knows salvage cars

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Search by VIN or lot #

Get the vehicle history

Enter VIN or lot number in the search window to check its history

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Vehicle history

Pay close attention to sales history, vehicle photos, and primary damage

If the vehicle has already been sold at the auction, check it’s previous condition by clicking on the lot number

Also pay attention to the seller: if the car sold by the dealer, you might be potentially looking at a car with hidden damages and poor repair

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Auto Research

Sales statistics

To find the final prices, condition, and description of cars sold at salvage auto auctions, search by make, model, and year

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autoAstat knows salvage cars dating back to 2017

Your search results will cover salvage auto auctions from 2017 onward. Over 30,000,000 lots and counting

You can narrow down a search by mileage, trim, seller type, engine capacity, fuel type, and other parameters of your interest

autoAstat knows salvage cars dating back to 2017
To professional auction buyers

Use our advanced analytics to determine average price per make and model for a chosen time period. Find the best locations to buy cars cheap and other useful information

To professional auction buyers

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A professional tool for those looking to buy salvage cars at USA auto auctions, all for the price of one latte a week!

Get the full information on any car’s auto auction history

Buy smart and always be one step ahead

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